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I came back from ‘G8 International Conference on Violence Against Women’ last night, 10th Sep 2009.

It was a great time for me to learn how this G8 works and how much others have done about the women movements….

The meeting was hosted by Italy, which holds this year’s G-8 presidency. It explored rape and domestic violence and included panels on genital mutilation, access to education and violence against young girls.

“Violence against women and children is an unacceptable violation and privation of human rights,” the declaration read. “Women are agents of peace.”

But, after the generations hard efforts, I could see people are still very very very careful when they talked about the women who were killed by the religions’ justice and some culture believes. It made me think a lot about our ‘civilized society’. As a part of civilization, how much have men been educated to understand and respect women?

It is not easy to be honest to our past.

I wish I could have had a chance to tell those women, who have been suffered from rape and domestic violence –‘you are victims, but not just being victims, your experience have made us think and teach us to change this world. We must thank you, the world can’t be civilized without protecting and respecting you.’

It is not the time for us to tell how great we are and how much we have done any more, it is time now for us to think how much we haven’t learn from our mistakes and how much we have to catch up before more girls die in our lifetime…

Anyhow, our life has been driven not only by cars and computers, but also by running time, greedy qualities…and lazy thinking…

Yes, let’s respect women, respect the world from our daily life…from one drop of water…

Have a good weekend – Zhou-Mo Yu-Kuai!