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Chinese says, Xiang Yi Xiang, Zai Shuo – Think, before you speak.

I read an article by Mr Xiaokang Su about Tianan Men Movement in 1989 from BBC Chinese news on 2nd June. I think it is the best understanding of what it is.

If you can read in Chinese, here is


I totally agree with him –before people are able to choose their own education and career, freedom and democracy could be limited by the human living condition… played by the political parties… controlled by the ”mafia — God fathers”… and abused by the power greedy……!

Just think about, how many Chinese really have got chance and time to learn, to know what democracy is…by now? Even though some have read a lot in China…but the most translated books have been censored or ”’edited for a right voice”…or just misguided by the ‘’simplified translation”!
When we talk about any part of history, we have to let it back its time as what it was…with our enough knowledge of its background in the truth.

Just one question on Tianan Men 1989 –How much today’s China could be better in democracy IF former prime minster Ziyang Zhao is still in the state leadership? Why he lost in 1989?

Today’s comfortable life has made us become too lazy to think and to dig the truth…or, at least to question the truth of our past.

We must not ‘water’ our belief and glory by others’ blood, both of Chinese students and Chinese soldiers in 1989!

Wo Men Bu-Neng Jian-Hua Li-Shi. We must not simplify history.