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Zao shang hao - Good morning!

Wang shang hao - Good evening!

It is over 2:00AM London time now…I have just finish my queued works before my next book tour in 30 hours…

I have been very busy in last week with two book events, two parties, then because US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting China, I was busy with BBC -5 interviews today from 11:00am to 21:00pm.

Therefore I couldn’t get my homework done as I planned: check the travel details, go through 8th events’ schedule (it should be the final one), prepare the clothes for the weather between -5’C to 25’C…two PPTs and one 12 pages presentation…and birthday presents for my husband, by the way, I feel very bad about this…how could I go on my book tour when he is on his birthday alone? I have made a gift by my hands for his birthday, I hope it could help our both hearts.

Anyhow, I have done all of the works by now. I thought I should set a vacation response for others email…just now, one new email jumps in from my friend in US — is that truth you are coming?

Yes, I am, here is the information for her, for you as well, if you would like to meet me at one of the following events…

Schedule of CHINA WITNESS book events in US will be:

Tuesday, February 24–St. Louis, MO

7:30pm Lecture in Principia Wanamaker Hall – followed by Q&A

Wednesday, February 25–Chicago, IL

7:00pm Bookstall event. 811 Elm St, Winnetka, IL 60093.

Thursday, February 26–San Francisco, CA

7:30pm Capitola Book Cafe event. 1475 41st Ave Capitola, CA 95010.

Friday, February 27–San Francisco, CA

7:30pm Berkeley Arts & Letters event. First Congregational Church of Berkeley,

2345 Channing Way (at Dana) Berkeley, CA 94704.

Saturday, February 28–Seattle, WA

4:30pm Elliott Bay Book Company event. 101 South Main St. Seattle, WA 98104. aka ‘Pirate TV’ will tape this event.

Sunday, March 1–St. Louis, MO

4:00pm Left Bank Books event. 399 N. Euclid Ave. St. Louis, MO 63108.

Monday, March 2–5 Canada

Ok, Good night, good morning… and good luck too!

Zhu nin hao yun — Good luck!

NIU Nian Kuai Le – Happy Chinese OX Year!

I come back! — Wo Hui Lai Le!

In last two months, I have been tried to give myself some excuses for not write any blog and thank to friends who have ‘’met’’ me here and commented on my writing and books. I thought it could be because I was very ill and completely exhausted by working on over one million words for my two books ‘’China Witness’’ and “The Message from Unknown Mothers in China’’(working title), at the same time I had my busy book tours over 20 countries; OR might be because of my mind ‘power off’ after over 10 years struggling between Chinese and English since I move to London in 1997, I needed time to recharge myself with some update knowledge and information both from China and the West; or just being busy with a heavy ‘’New Year time’’, started with western God (Christmas), followed by the western one, then the Chinese one. Chinese New Year 2009 started from 26th Jan and finished yesterday on 9th Feb, it lasts 15 days …

But, after all, I realized that there is no excuse for me at all, it is simply because of being lazy! Sometimes I am really terrified by knowing that I have the same habits as those politicians – I always want to blame someone, or something, for my own mistakes or done something wrong…

Now, I come back and have to apologize to you if … as you know.

Great thanks to all of you, who have read my blog and commented on it, for sharing our thinking with me, caring about my writing…and interesting in Chinese culture…

There is so much I would like to share with you…

The Chinese DVD ‘’Detective Di Ren-jie’’ I watched in last Dec; two books I have read, one is about a report on 140m Chinese migrates, one is about war history – how much Chinese women suffered from Japanese invasion in 1930’s; economic crisis; Gaze children; shake-ed ‘made in China’; shoes thrown to the world top leaders: G W Bush and Wen Jia-bao… the bushfire in Australia…and snow storm in England…endless..

Anyhow, it is 6:48am London time after two hours on line working with my very slow typing.

I must have a cup of coffee NOW to fresh my TODAY…

PS, that would be great if you would like to help my English ;]

Thanks and see you - Xiexie, Zaijian.