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Xie xie da jia —Thanks everyone

Qing Yuan-liang, Wo de Ying-yu hen Bu-hao – Forgive me about my poor English.

I would like to take this chance to thank YOU for sending email to my blog…in deed!

Dear Barrie:

Thanks for your warm heart to Chinese women and Chinese culture…I think the best organization to help your dream of teaching in China as is VSO, their website: Best wishes to your Chinese family

Dear Lise Simskar:

Yes, you can get my 5 books in Norwegian, I was in Oslo for ‘Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother’’ – Tapte Dotre’s publication in March this year…I will go back Norway in Sep again for a literary festival there…I hope my book would help you understand your roots culture more and better…and deliver a love to you and your Norway family from Chinese mothers…You can get my book details from my Norwegian publisher GYLDENDAL. Big hug and lots love!

Dear Carla:

Yes, I will go back your beautiful country Ba Xi again, might be next year 2011! I love to meet you in person and talk about our countries and women; we have so much in common! My Ba-Xi publisher Companhia Das Letras might help us to meet up…SO, see you soon! Thanks and regards

Dear Denise:

Yes, we could identify a lot from each other, between China and Brazil, poetically women’s life…I hope we could do sth for helping our sisters…one drop of water can help one tiny green…then we could make a beloved landscape. Thank YOU!

Dear British Born Squid:

I have to say, I love to learn where your idea came from about your unforgettable pen-name. …I agree with you that reading, sharing and thinking can help us to find out who we are and what we want from our life time… and also, no matter where we are, all of Chinese came from the same roots which has been ‘watered’ by over 5,000 years civilization… Thanks for your greeting and sharing!

Xie Xie, dear Allie!

I really believe any westerners, who can speak Mandarin, must be genius. As you know, there are about 18,000 Chinese characters survived from our long long history! 3773 for Chinese daily using, it is a lot, compare to your 26 letters! Please give my love to your baby daughter — bao bei nv er!

Nin Hao, dear Natasa Peisc!

I am sorry to say, Sky Burial hasn’t been published in Chinese… Thank YOU for your interesting!

Dear Sharon Beth Long:

Thank you for your reading my book and sending ‘Silen Tears A Journey of Hope and Change in a Chinese Orphanage’ by kay Bratt Although. I am sure I will learn loads from it. If it is not too late, you can send it to my office ‘Xinran, 9 ORME COURT, LONDON, W2 4RL, UK’. Kind regards

Dear Sharon:

Thanks for your sharing with me… and Chinese women! Do you think tears could ‘water’ our soul? I think so…because my writing comes from my deep heart where watered by my tears… again…and again…I can’t tell enough that how much those Chinese grandmothers and mothers have carried their children and China, this huge country, from human desert just 30 years ago…to today’s green world —they never even could have one nice meal, nor one beautiful cloth for themselves in their life time! It would be unfair, if none speaks for them…! Xie Xie Nin!

Qing Yuan-liang, Wo de Ying-yu hen Bu-hao – Forgive me about my poor English.

Xie xie da jia —Thanks everyone




请允许我在此与您分享一些 — 亲情,乡情,友情,和心情---

1958年出生,1977年开始工作学习于军校,1989 1997 先后在河南与江苏两台工作,采访主持兼策划,但从未加入政党,因为实在远离其标准。

旧日老友大多被时代和个性送入两个极端 做领导和坐牢但都还是我的朋友, 因为我心中的好与坏不可能‘不黑即白’。



初识异国他乡是从清洁工、端盘子起步,之后在英语的挣扎中,兼职大学,录制BBC电视广播节目,直至2002年出书。至今六本书中, 五本为中文纪实,只因本人的英文连混饭都难,更无法令那些被采访的中国同胞在我的书中改说‘原味儿’的英文,但我相信翻译们已为我的平庸文笔润色不少,否则更是不堪入目。只有一本英国卫报专栏集出自‘欣然原创英语’,后被一位‘本土’朋友伦大教授称为‘破天荒的英语读物’,意思是英语水平poor 得可怜!


2004创建母爱桥凭自己的有限之力,为各地的中国孩子们提供一些看中国书接受中国文化教育的机会。一滴水,不能浇树,但可救草儿。您也能帮助我们一把吗? 多多感谢!



例如,历史的藏区不是今天流行的西藏,位置于藏南的西藏也不能代表十几个派系的藏民。去北藏,伴随一家世代游牧的藏人,与他们沉默不语地过几天,即便那些 三五步一拜,五体投地‘为生’的藏人都能让你感受到他们那惊天地泣鬼神的情感!


我以为,情不在多少,而在真假 — 真的,你能在夜间被它疼醒;假的,日历一翻页儿你就没感觉了。


Dear MBL friends…s:

Xinnian yukuai 新年愉快 Happy New Year!

Hunian jiankang ruyuan


Health, peace and joy in your Tiger Year!

As a MBL founder, I am so happy to share this moment with you –Happy Chinese New Year!

And I would like to tell you some good news as a 2010 gift to our MBLers…

MBL website has been reopened as

MBL BX children centre will move to a new and bigger building this summer…

MBL trustee meeting will make next 5 years plan…soon.

We are going to restructure our volunteer teams for working on the following projects,

  • MBL website developments for the adoptive families over the world
  • MBL libraries set up and supported in those poor areas of China,
  • MBL International art workshop for overseas Chinese children at BX children centre.
  • MBL researching on disable orphan needs…

MBL’s 2010 green message is set up MBL4th library with Hao Ding Internet Bar’s support, it is locaded out site of Nanjing city. There are about 50,000 students from age 7 to 20’s has no place for their daily reading and activites.I hope you can help us to send it to your links —

To support MBL Children’s Libraries in China , please send picture books and images of daily life, culture and heritage from around the world to the following address. Thank you from all the young readers.

Mrs ZhuLi (MBL volunteer)

Room 605, Building 71, Rui-Jin North-village,

Baixia district, Nanjing, PR China 210016

Julie +86-139 0515 0047

Thank YOU for being MBLer and helping MBL!

Hunian jiankang ruyuan


Health, peace and joy in your Tiger Year!

I came back from ‘G8 International Conference on Violence Against Women’ last night, 10th Sep 2009.

It was a great time for me to learn how this G8 works and how much others have done about the women movements….

The meeting was hosted by Italy, which holds this year’s G-8 presidency. It explored rape and domestic violence and included panels on genital mutilation, access to education and violence against young girls.

“Violence against women and children is an unacceptable violation and privation of human rights,” the declaration read. “Women are agents of peace.”

But, after the generations hard efforts, I could see people are still very very very careful when they talked about the women who were killed by the religions’ justice and some culture believes. It made me think a lot about our ‘civilized society’. As a part of civilization, how much have men been educated to understand and respect women?

It is not easy to be honest to our past.

I wish I could have had a chance to tell those women, who have been suffered from rape and domestic violence –‘you are victims, but not just being victims, your experience have made us think and teach us to change this world. We must thank you, the world can’t be civilized without protecting and respecting you.’

It is not the time for us to tell how great we are and how much we have done any more, it is time now for us to think how much we haven’t learn from our mistakes and how much we have to catch up before more girls die in our lifetime…

Anyhow, our life has been driven not only by cars and computers, but also by running time, greedy qualities…and lazy thinking…

Yes, let’s respect women, respect the world from our daily life…from one drop of water…

Have a good weekend – Zhou-Mo Yu-Kuai!

Hai-zi, Wo Ai Ni! – My child, I love you!

Dear All, I would like to share a mother’s feeling with you today, if you don’t mind.

Dear Panpan, my loved son:

I can’t help thinking about you since yesterday – UK Mother’s Day, when you came back and cooked such a ‘impressed’ lunch as your gift for me. I am really surprised by your cooking — the beauty of your food displayed, the delicious taste you made, and how much care about me you showed.

Above all, I must tell you, I am so touched by your love to your mum — you know how to release your mum’s mind by showing me your improved life skill one by one since you went to university in 2007. As being a mother, we hold the worries all the time when our children start their own lives and flying into a free sky, as Chinese says… from your clothes, food, bed, until your study, activities and your friends… Children’s safe and health is a part of any mother’s daily life… It lasts to their last second in their lives!

I want to thank YOU for helping me to let you be free and independent. I wish we could have had a ‘Son’s/Daughter’s Day’, so that I could have shared my love and proud with many other sons’ mothers…

I want to say sorry to you as well, because I had mentioned many times to others before – I wished I could have had a daughter, I had thought that a girl might understand mother in a better way… By now, I know I am wrong! I have the best son in the world!

Love to you – my life’s ‘Power House’ – my loved Panpan

Xie-xie Mu Qin Jie – Thanks to mother’s day!



Wo Juede Hen Teng – I felt very painful!

This morning, my friend Tantan-Niang emailed me with a forward attachment – subject is ‘Do you know the most popular restaurant in Beijing?’ There are fifteen photos about this restaurant in the attachment.

Here is my reply to Tantan-Niang:

Yes, I have been there. The restaurant is called ‘Red Star’. It is for you to ‘experience The Culture Revolution as a fun’.

I was so shocked and painful by this ‘Culture Revolution fun’…my body was shaking when they shouted and repeated those killing slogans!!!

You would know why I felt like that, if you have read my book ‘The Good Women of China’, you would see what ‘The Culture Revolution’ means to my life.

After more than 40 years, I still couldn’t walk out from my painful memory of my ten years childhood during The Culture Revolution …

I can’t believe that my suffered childhood could be ”gamed” with such happiness!

Is it possible for anyone in this world to play War killings as a fun? How could someone play Jews were gassed in Auschwitz as a fun? Or, how could someone play Gaza children were killed in early this year as a fun?

I am sure I am not only the one lost by this fun…

No pain, no gain…what young Chinese could gain from this Culture Revolution if they can’t feel any pain from it?

What might be happened to a plant if it is cut off from its roots…? I think human is living in the same way as the plants…or any other lives…

Wei Shenme – Why?

I am still on my book tour for China Witness in wintery Australia

My schedule is very busy – 19 interviews for radio, TV, newspaper and magazines and 9 talks at book stores, city hall’s and libraries in 5 cities across Australia. I arrived in Melbourne two days ago.

Do I still enjoy it? So far so good, I have always got energy from Australia, in the same way, I can see many Australians get energy from China and the Chinese. More Westerners speak Chinese here, not only because many Chinese live here, but also because most Australians are open minded people! As an example, how many world leaders can speak Chinese, the second largest language in the world? The Australian Prime Minster can!

I always say that any foreigner who can speak and read Chinese must be a genius. There are about 80,000 Chinese characters in total and at least 3773 are used daily. The Chinese study these characters from the age of 3, if they are born into families that can afford to educate their children.

The Chinese barely had a proper spoken language before the 20th century. Before then, well-educated people spoke ‘written Chinese’, and uneducated people spoke in very short sentences, or just used verbs. In many underdeveloped agricultural areas, instead of speaking long sentences with adjectives and adverbs, they used to communicate through song.

China has a pronunciation system called ‘Pinyin’ based on the same alphabet as English, and with four tones. It was set up by a group of Chinese scholars after they returned to China from Europe in the 1900s, and it was completed in 1950s by Mao Zedong’s communist government. I must say the Pinyin system has really opened up the possibility for communication between the Chinese and Westerners especially since computers have come to dominate our world!

Chinese computers have the same keyboard as Western ones, with 26 letters and numbers. Each year more and more kinds of Chinese typing software come out, appearing as fast as the new buildings in China’s big cities. For Western learners, I would say Pinyin typing is the easiest way to write characters.

For example: if you type in MA many characters appear on your computer screen – all pronounced as MA and these are ordered into different groups according to their tone. MA–, mother, question word,…; MA /, linen, a tingling feeling…; MA~, horse, shoe size,…; MA、,swear, argue… then you simply choose the right one for your word or sentence! Normally, once you have typed in a character the programme will suggest a number of connected characters for you to choose next.

Ok, I am sitting here at midnight writing this because I am too tired to sleep, but now I have to go back sleep as I have a very busy day tomorrow.

Nin hui shuo zhong-guo hua ma? (can you speak Chinese?)

Wo hui shuo zhong-guo hua. (I can speak Chinese.)