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Renshi Nin Zhen Gaoxin! — It is so nice to know you!

I came back London home yesterday on 6th March 2009, after 14 days travel between 9 cities plus 8 talks/lectures and over 20 interviews – in America and Canada.

I feel that I am dying…not just by my body’s exhausted, but also by the emotional–I have been shared so much with the people I met on this trip…

I think, we never could have known it enough that how much we have been given by life, natural, our family and friends…or anyone, even though we never could be able to know each other…

Thanks to our last generations, without them we won’t have such a colorful life.

Thanks to Harriet and Binh for sharing so much thinking with me…

Big regards from London and my heart.

Wo Hui Lai Le – I come back!