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Dui-Bu-Qi, Wo Cuo Le – Sorry, I am wrong!

Dear every friend here:

I have to be honest to you, I might be laziest blog writer in the world.

I came back from Brazil two weeks ago, BUT, blue sea surrounded Rio, coloured Paraty streets, up-down waved San Paulo…are still in front of me!

There is so much I love to tell you and share with you… I wish I could have had a fast typing skill ;}

Where should I start?

OK, before I went on the trip, I was warned by many westerners — never go out in the dark, never get on any public transports and never buy anything from the beach or little street…in Brazil…

Thanks to their kindness and care about me. I am sure these kind of problems could happened to any country which has the huge gap between rich and poor…BUT I believe that Brazilian life, just like Chinese, is improving, and most people want to change…at least, want to be remembered as a good man or a beautiful woman! Should these developing countries go on being painted by the old fade colour which used over twenty years ago?  

I thought I had to learn some real life there on my foot except Paraty FLIP for my book events.

In Rio, I walked hours alone the beach in the dark, I bought cheese bread which is my favoured food in the world from a tiny street…I even took the public bus which none could speak one English word on it, but everyone tried to help me with their ‘’dancing body language’’…then the bus driver dropped me just in front of my hotel!

Oh, Paraty, what a town where were full of book hunters and history makers! Stories, stories, stories are not just in the books there; stories have been told everywhere you walked in and out in Paraty! One of the stories is about the play, it is based on my first book ‘’The Good Women of China’’ directed by Fabio Porchat. Strange language didn’t make any distance between the Brazilian actresses and my heart… I was totally pulled back into those Chinese women I interviewed long time ago and also kept in my deep memories…‘Tell me your story’ one local policeman asked me in his Brazilian-English when I was crying in a corner of one Paraty street after I watched the play.

I didn’t have time to experience in San Paulo, but I could see many very hard working people there from hotel staff, taxi drivers and Sunday morning delivers… all of these remind me about ‘’working generation’’ in Europe after World War Two.

I have no right to tell a whole image of Brazil by one trip, but I want to say, we, Chinese and Brazilian have had so much in common…family rooted society, fast modernized cities, and open minded people…

By the way, tell you one more story: when I was a little girl in a kindergarten, we were taught how colour a world map – China was red for sure, American was black, UK was sea blue, France was orange, Germany was gray…Brazil was green. Does it mean anything to you? It means a lot to my generation in China – how to see, or say, how to colour this world!

Qing Yuan-Liang Wo de Ying-Yu Hen Bu-Hao – Forgive me about my poor English