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Xie xie da jia —Thanks everyone

Posted by Xinran on June 15, 2010

Xie xie da jia —Thanks everyone

Qing Yuan-liang, Wo de Ying-yu hen Bu-hao – Forgive me about my poor English.

I would like to take this chance to thank YOU for sending email to my blog…in deed!

Dear Barrie:

Thanks for your warm heart to Chinese women and Chinese culture…I think the best organization to help your dream of teaching in China as is VSO, their website: Best wishes to your Chinese family

Dear Lise Simskar:

Yes, you can get my 5 books in Norwegian, I was in Oslo for ‘Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother’’ – Tapte Dotre’s publication in March this year…I will go back Norway in Sep again for a literary festival there…I hope my book would help you understand your roots culture more and better…and deliver a love to you and your Norway family from Chinese mothers…You can get my book details from my Norwegian publisher GYLDENDAL. Big hug and lots love!

Dear Carla:

Yes, I will go back your beautiful country Ba Xi again, might be next year 2011! I love to meet you in person and talk about our countries and women; we have so much in common! My Ba-Xi publisher Companhia Das Letras might help us to meet up…SO, see you soon! Thanks and regards

Dear Denise:

Yes, we could identify a lot from each other, between China and Brazil, poetically women’s life…I hope we could do sth for helping our sisters…one drop of water can help one tiny green…then we could make a beloved landscape. Thank YOU!

Dear British Born Squid:

I have to say, I love to learn where your idea came from about your unforgettable pen-name. …I agree with you that reading, sharing and thinking can help us to find out who we are and what we want from our life time… and also, no matter where we are, all of Chinese came from the same roots which has been ‘watered’ by over 5,000 years civilization… Thanks for your greeting and sharing!

Xie Xie, dear Allie!

I really believe any westerners, who can speak Mandarin, must be genius. As you know, there are about 18,000 Chinese characters survived from our long long history! 3773 for Chinese daily using, it is a lot, compare to your 26 letters! Please give my love to your baby daughter — bao bei nv er!

Nin Hao, dear Natasa Peisc!

I am sorry to say, Sky Burial hasn’t been published in Chinese… Thank YOU for your interesting!

Dear Sharon Beth Long:

Thank you for your reading my book and sending ‘Silen Tears A Journey of Hope and Change in a Chinese Orphanage’ by kay Bratt Although. I am sure I will learn loads from it. If it is not too late, you can send it to my office ‘Xinran, 9 ORME COURT, LONDON, W2 4RL, UK’. Kind regards

Dear Sharon:

Thanks for your sharing with me… and Chinese women! Do you think tears could ‘water’ our soul? I think so…because my writing comes from my deep heart where watered by my tears… again…and again…I can’t tell enough that how much those Chinese grandmothers and mothers have carried their children and China, this huge country, from human desert just 30 years ago…to today’s green world —they never even could have one nice meal, nor one beautiful cloth for themselves in their life time! It would be unfair, if none speaks for them…! Xie Xie Nin!

Qing Yuan-liang, Wo de Ying-yu hen Bu-hao – Forgive me about my poor English.

Xie xie da jia —Thanks everyone

  1. Marjoke Bos Said,

    Hello miss Xinran,

    Last week i bought youre book message of a Chinese mother. I was deeply imprest and i’m sad in my heart for all the Chinese mothers in China. We adopted two children from China the first was a girl from Jiangxi and oure second child a boy with a Special Need from Jiangsu.
    I think it’s very important for my daughter to read youre book in the future. But what will i tell my son..
    I hope in the future you can also wright a book about the children with special needs why they were abonded by there parent…of course we know a little bit about it but i think there is more behind there stories as well. My son i think will be having a lot of questions in the future and i hope you will be inspiered to wright a book about Special Needs childeren in China. I hope my children will find there biological parents in the future because i think they have to know who they are. We think a lot of them.
    Thanks for wrighting this book and speak for all those mothers in China.
    kind regards and love. Marjoke Bos mom of two wonderful children from China.

  2. Elyse Said,

    You should write more blog entries! :) I just finished reading your book “What The Chinese Don’t Eat” and I’d love to see more from you in this journal/blog style of writing.

  3. Smita Rajesh Said,

    Dear Xinran
    I am reading your book ‘The good women of China…’ and its amazing. I couldn’t seem to put it down. I didn’t know you are here in the UK. You can’t imagine my happiness when I landed on your blog. I have a Asian women writers and artists group called VAANI in East London. I would love to invite you in one of our events. Could you please let me know what’s the best way to contact you.
    Many thanks
    lots of love

  4. Jennifer (from Singapore) Said,

    Dear Xinran

    I came across your most recently written book: Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother. I and a lot of mothers or women are impressed by your courage and that you have braved yourself into penning down the inner voices of the miserable women who can’t speak out.

    Ur book has connected me to a country that I thought I know yet it’s so unknown..

    I am looking forward to read the chinese version of Message From An Unknown Chinese Mother and the rest of your books that best describe the voices.

    My best!

  5. Rosemary Andrews Said,

    Dear Xinran, I have read all of your books and I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed each of them.
    I lived in Beijing for 5 years and the people you write about are just like people I have met and know. “Sky Burial” kept me enthralled and “Miss Chopsticks” was a joy to read. I thank you for providing me with a window back into a world which I love. All my best wishes, Rosemary

  6. fun Said,

    Would you consider publishing your works in Chinese? I feel that if Sky Burial were pulbished in Chinese, you would find
    Shu Wen. But it’s perhaps not difficult to see why you haven’t chosen to do so yet. I sincerely hope that the situation in China will one day allow you to feel free to publish your works in Chinese. Shu Wan, Zhuoma and Tiananmen are fascinating characters. Like so many of your readers, I’d love to see you write about their lives after 1994. It’s been a good 16 years since you lost contact with Shu Wen!


    Dear Xinran,

    I hope you have a chance to see my comment and eventually answer to my private email address (already sent with this comment), since we have something in common: I am also writing about Chinese women.

    Most of my life I have been an entrepreneur, not a writer, but after reading your book “The Good Women of China” (which is among my book’s references, by the way) I decided it was high time I made my dream of living in China a reality. So, I took a suitcase and went to live in Beijing, where I remained for 3 years.

    I was exposed there to the inner strenght and energy of the Chinese women entrepreneur and decided to write about them, since they have things we have forgotten here in the West countries or simply neve had.

    My first book was published in Spanish last September and now has just been published in English: “CHINA’S NEW LEADER’S”

    By the way, the Spanish edition was presented in Radio 3 (Madrid) together with your book “China Witness: Voices from a Silent Generation”. So, although we still have not met, we (your recorded interview + my life interview) were together speaking there.

    Last year I did the field work for my second book, but it will still take some time before I publish it.

    I will be stopping at Heathrow, in my way to Beijing, in the morning of August 12th and, then, in my way back from Shanghai in the evening of September 2nd.. In case you may happen to be there, it would be great to have a chance to meet you. Otherwise, we will just have to find a way to meet each other and share our views.

    All the best and hopefully see you soon,


  8. Eve Said,

    Dear Xinran,
    Thank you for writing the book “message from an unkown mother”. I hope this book will also be published in China and that it will open the eyes of the Chinese people. I have been searching for my children’s birthparents in China for a long time. During my search I have stumbled on Chinese attitudes, culture and politics. Because of it I have lost Chinese friends who were so very dear to me. I am hurting for my daughters and their Chinese parents. Because of all the hurdles that are thrown up they will probably never meet each other. To me this feels inhumane. Needless to say that I shed many tears while reading your book. I can only hope that the book will be a step in the right direction and that China will open up for these children and the parents that were left behind.
    Thank you for your good work.
    Warm regards,

  9. wayne stinson Said,

    Hello Xinran

    I have just finished reading China Witness during my holidays in China and have thorughly enjoyed it

    I was particularly fascinated by the comments made by Changzhengs wife on page 253 regarding the daughter who has been in the army for 21 years and is a doctor

    In 1985 I was travelling from Kunming to Beijing in a 6 berth hard sleeper compartment . Two of the people in the compartment were Chinese and they were in the PLA
    One male and one female and I was told they were doctors .
    The woman from memory was 32 and when I made the comment to another Chinese that she was beautiful she responded by saying that if that was the case why wasnt she married .
    Its one of those coincidences and perhaps the time frame is wrong

    However I do have a photo of the 2 doctors in the hard sleepr compartment if you would like to see it.
    Please let me know and I will email it to you.
    Have not been able to find an email address to contact you so have put my comments here

    Cheers and thank you for a fascinating read.

    I have been to china on 5 occassions , 1985, 1987 , 2008 , 2009 and 2010

  10. Helena Said,

    Hi Miss Xinran. My name is Helena, I’m from Brazil and I’m 17. This year I started to learn mandarim and chinese, and I’ve been reading some chinese books. I must confess that I am in love with her first book that I have the opportunity to read. I’d like to visit China in 5 years, and books like yours, or of Li Cunxin are helping me so much! Thanks for everything, I’m a big fan of you.
    Wish you the best, Helena

  11. Catherine Said,

    Dear Xinran,
    I just watched the video of your talk at Berkeley on
    Your words of love, hope and forgiveness have touched my heart.
    I used to live and work in China for 5 years, and your books taught me to love the people, the Chinese people and the people from the world.
    I study conflicts and how emotions blind us from seeing the bright side of life. I hope that one day I will have your wisdom and like you, I will convey with me the hope of a better world where people give up their anger and resentment to discover their potential to lead a beautiful life in spite of (or maybe because of) the pain and suffering that have marked their history, like your experience with your family has put you on the search to the heart of China.
    Recently, one of my classmate from China (I am now in Singapore) told me that she felt there was so much for her to learn about China now she was abroad. She felt that so much had been hidden from her. She had no bitterness, just felt amazed to rediscover her history.
    I told her about you, as I tell anybody I know. I have passed her your books for her to read.
    Xinran, you have touched my life. My own mother always says that all human beings want the same things in life. They want happiness for their children and if there is some left, a little bit for themselves. Your stories are the proof of it.
    Dear Xinran, please never stop telling stories.

  12. Nelleke(from Holland) Said,

    Dear Xinran,

    Today I was at the meeting in Driebergen ( Holland).
    I want to thank you for writing your book about the Chinese mothers. I adopted two children from China. My daugther Maxime is 9 years old and my son Didier is 4 years old.
    Unfortunatly there were so many people that I didn’t got the chance to speak to you in person. But I think your book is telling the story of the chinese mothers of my children.
    Maxime is always asking who her birthmother is and why she could not stay with her.
    Next summer we are going back to China and visit her orphanage. We hope it will answer her questions.

    Thank you for telling the story today in Holland.

    Best wishes, Nelleke

  13. kaya Said,

    Dear Xinran,

    First of all I am a faithful reader of your books. I’m reading each sentence carefully in order to immerse myself better in the Chinese culture. So, I am gratefuly that you make the effort to collect and write down all your knowledge and other’s stories. Thank you!

    The reason for my comment is that I met an impressive Chinese girl in London. I suppose her story might be interesting for your work. Linyan is the second child of a farming family. Although her mother had given birth to a boy first my friend’s family decided against an abortion. As her brother founded his own business he enabled her to take up a school or university place, I don’t know anymore :)
    Anyway she became a tourist guide in Guilin and started to save money. Now she’s doing her master at a London university and affords her course herself. When I was listening to her Linyan’s story I was really impressed as I usually get to know Chinese students from cities and financially supported by their families. This makes me really pround of her. I think she deserves great commendation. Linyan’s life might also encourage Chinese girls from the countryside or with difficult social background to live the life they’ve secretly imagined.


  14. Kathy Flewitt Said,

    Dear Xinran Shu
    I am a member of a bookclub and have just read “Sky Burial”, what an impression it made on us all. It was such a moving, spiritual story. I personally was fascinated by this woman and her travels and learnt so much about the Tibetan culture. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us, I look forward to reading more.

    I would like to ask what became of Shu Wen, in particularly her family. Did she ever trace her sister, and did anyone ever respond to your endnote?

  15. Peter Hasker Said,

    I have gained much from reading The Good Women of China and Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother and am currently reading China Witness which mentions a book of love letters “160 Roses” of General Phoebe and her husband. How can I obtain a copy of this - in Mandarin and English, if these is a good translation?

    P. Hasker

  16. Sara Nobre (Portugal) Said,

    Dear Xinran,

    I’m writing you from Portugal and I just finished to read your book “The Good Women of China” (Mulheres da China, in portuguese). Thank you for this book. There are some books that, somehow, change our lives: books that awaken us to realities that increase our sense of gratitude for the life we have; books that urge us to leave the world better than we found, increasing our sense of duty to the “other.”
    Do you plan to visit Portugal?
    Sara Nobre

  17. CRAIG LEWIS Said,

    Having always had a hugely strong interest in China since I was very small making paper lanterns for Chinese New year till present day where I’ve recently returned from teaching english in Deyang, Sichuan province for 6 months, “China Witness” was one of the first things I bought upon my return to the UK.
    I just want to say how deeply jealous I am of the lucky individuals who were able to meet these fascinating people with you on your journey and to be able to witness a real part of China that is slowly disappearing. I am only 19 years old, and as a young person I think that it is extremely important to document these peoples stories before it is too late. China feels like a second home to me and my love for her grows deeper each day and it is through books like yours that I really gain an understanding of how China is the way it is today.
    Since reading your book I have been eagerly awaiting any new material you may publish in the future and am also very eagerly awaiting a visit to Wales where I live so that I may one day be able to thank you personally.
    I was lucky enough to travel to many different cities and provinces, as well as small towns and villages during my time in China, but I was never able to get the same experiences that you as a native Chinese would. As a foreigner who speaks very little Chinese, any interest I pay to the old peoples stories is immediately visited with suspicion and caution and I felt great disappointment and frustration that during my time there I was never able to get a better understanding of the people in the country I love. It is because of your book that I was able to revisit some of the places I visisited in my mind and read the stories of the people that I used to meet.
    It is also because of your book, and books by other authors such as Jung Chang and Adeline Yen Mah that I have decided to devote my education towards learning the Chinese language and Preservation of Relics so that one day I will be able to return to China using the language and my skills to help preserve the old for the future generations, both Chinese and Foreign alike.
    Please let me know if you will be visiting Wales for any events anytime in the future, as I would very much like to attend!
    祝你好運 (zhù nǐ háoyùn) Good Luck,
    Craig Lewis, age 19, Wales, UK

  18. Peihua Ku Said,

    Xinren, Can you please tell me if your books are available in Mandarin Chinese? I am hoping my mother could read them too.

    Peihua Ku

  19. CHARRIEZ Said,

    I’m a french woman , living in Provence .I travel two times every year in south west China ( Yunnan and Sichuan), I work to build bridges between our two cultures , especially introducing french people in Pu’er tea .

    How can I join and help MBL?

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