About Us

www.xinranbooks.co.uk is a website dedicated to the exchange of information between various cultures and does not work for any profit.

We have a vision of helping the world to know more about the Chinese culture by making it popular all over the world through the exchange of information between the Chinese culture and other cultures of the world.

We have the belief that the present world is nothing but the global village where the people of different countries live as neighbors. The existence of a mutual understanding between them is essential as well as beneficial to ensure that the neighbors can live side by side in peace and harmony. This belief has given us hope that the past and present history full of legends, colorful traditions of the people, great crafts and arts, vast and beautiful landscape of a country born only a few years ago will be understood and appreciated by everyone whoever comes to know about it.

Our work involves the promotion of harmony between the different cultures in the world, strengthening the bond between the various cultural groups and bringing the American and European people closer to the Chinese people.

Our Aim

We use various tools and interactive sessions to arouse curiosity in people about the Chinese culture and to help them to appreciate its values irrespective of which country they belong to. We try to assist the Chinese people born in the western world to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage that is theirs and help them to build and maintain the positive aspects of a cultural identity of their own. We also provide support to immigrants who have arrived recently and are trying to get accustomed to the western traditions and life. Our support helps them to get to their targets and be successful in the western world.

Who we are

Our group consists of Chinese people who have lived in the west for some time and non-Chinese people who are enthusiastic about the various cultures in the world with a particular stress on the Chinese culture. It is our belief that people can communicate better between themselves by learning the culture of the people they are trying to communicate with.

With China becoming a major player in the world economy and a warm relationship developing between the western countries and China, it is our belief that we have embarked on our mission to bring various cultures together at just the right moment. We think that we should be able to understand and appreciate the cultures of other people so that we can come to a mutual friendship and understanding to make the future of the world better.

Our history

Our mission gets based on the wish to introduce the wonderful aspects of Chinese culture, language, and arts to both the adults and the children living in the countries in the west. Our artists and scholars from China take part in performing interactive lecture sessions, exhibits, workshops, and other events to provide stimulation for the brain so that the people attending them may appreciate creativity and diversity of cultures.

We receive an enormous amount of encouragement for our vision and mission from many quarters. Financial support for us is provided by a large number of private individuals and foundations. You can as well become one of the individuals to help us if you wish to do so.