Why You Need an Indonesian Language Course to be Successful

One of the major reasons why people make the effort to learn a second language is to improve their job prospects. There are lots of career opportunities in Asia today because many nations are on the process of expansion and development. Your resume will be very impressive if you include your knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia as one of your most notable achievements. To learn Bahasa in an effective and efficient manner, you have to take an Indonesian course that is offered in language learning schools.

language-school-834140_960_720Reasons why you should take an Indonesian course

Learning Bahasa Indonesia is a challenge that you can easily overcome by taking an Indonesian course. If you will compare Bahasa Indonesia to other languages like Mandarin and Japanese, you will notice that it is relatively easy to learn. Bahahsa Indonesia uses the Roman alphabet and it has simple grammar and vocabulary. After one to two months of intensive study and practice, you will be able to write and converse in the Indonesian language. A growing Indonesian economy means more job opportunities and being able to list down your knowledge of Bahasa in your resume will increase your chances of gaining a lucrative employment.

There are many factors that can affect a successful career but once you have overcome the challenge of learning a new language, you become more confident to pursue your goals. You will meet a lot of people in Asia who can speak English fluently but it very rare to meet a foreigner that converses in a local language like Bahasa Indonesia. When there is an opportunity to advance your career, your knowledge of Bahasa will put you ahead of the others. Employers understand the efforts, time and dedication that has been invested in an Indonesian course and this achievement speaks well of your commitment to learn something new. Interaction is very important to grow a career and this can easily be achieved if you spare some efforts and money towards an Indonesian course.

Aside from the prospects of a successful career in Asia, fluency in Bahasa will increase the fun and excitement of travelling. You don’t need a guide to accompany you through the streets of Jakarta because your knowledge of Bahasa will allow you to read street signs and ask directions directly from the locals. Instead of asking for the English menu in restaurants, you can check the Indonesian menu for the local specialty that it not too spicy. Besides teaching you to be conversant in Bahasa, the Indonesian course will also allow you a glimpse of Indonesian culture and traditions including their way of life.

Success is not only dependent upon improving your job prospects; success also means being able to achieve something you can be proud off. Increased knowledge helps improve your self esteem and you become more confident to share your opinions in discussions. Don’t miss the chance to be a better person; take an Indonesian course and speak directly to a prospective employer. Indonesians are very personal and they prefer a face-to-face conversation to build a good relationship.

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