When Mainland Chinese land in Singapore, they first need to learn English

The government of Singapore recognizes four official languages: English, Chinese, Tamil and Malay. Many Singaporeans are bi-lingual because while schools use English as medium of instruction, the child is also encouraged to learn a second language. The second language is the child’s link to its ethnic origin and culture. English is more predominantly spoken in Singapore because of the influx of English-speaking travelers and tourists. This is one of the reasons why the Chinese from Mainland China make the effort to take an English course in Singapore.


The benefits of an English course in Singapore

Since the medium of instruction in most Singaporean schools is English, it would be quite challenging for a Chinese-speaking student to cope up with the learning system. The option for families coming from Mainland China is to find a language learning school that offers English course Singapore. Many parents elect to send their children to English-medium schools with the hope that someday their children will be able to pursue higher education in the United States. Chinese students want to be proficient in English because it is required in middle and high school standardized tests. University students must pass the College English Test (CET) to be able to study abroad. Chinese students make the effort to learn English not only to pass the tests but to improve their opportunities in the global employment field. Knowledge of English determines who passes the test, who gets into the right schools and who gets the best jobs.

English is a dominant language used all over the world. Being able to speak and read English allows an individual to enjoy all forms of entertainment from social media to top grossing English films without the sub-titles. English is not just a language; it has become a practical skill that many seek to acquire knowing its importance in daily life.

English courses in Singapore

If you are planning to take English course Singapore, you have many options because there are literally hundreds of language learning schools in the city. Courses for children as well as adults are being offered in these schools for reasonable prices. The courses are tailored to ensure that the student will learn the most useful skills immediately. English courses are categorized as: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Beginner English course Singapore is designed to give students the confidence to pursue the challenge of learning a second language. The interactive teaching method makes learning English a lot more interesting and exciting for students particularly since they get to learn a lot of common English words and phrases used in everyday life.

The Intermediate English course is ideal for those with basic knowledge of English and requires further improvement. Advanced English courses are more specialized and introduces the student to other skills aside from conversation. A student can learn how to compose business emails or how to prepare business contracts in English. Advanced English courses can be provided through private lessons for corporate executives and businessmen who have cannot spare the time to attend a classroom English course.

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